Life's Better With Good Neighbors

Neighborhood Veterinary Centers doesn’t just provide exceptional veterinary care for every pet we see. We believe in making gold-standard care accessible to the communities we serve. This is world-class medicine at affordable costs. Because that’s what it means to be a good neighbor.

You love them for their constant companionship. You love them for the way they make you feel. You love them for the way they love you. The way they look at you. The way they greet you at the door. The laughs, the love, the memories. To you, they aren’t just a pet. They are family. And when it comes to family, only the best will do.

Life’s Better With Good Neighbors

I cannot say enough good things about this place! My husband had to go by himself to put our 14yr old dog down and out of pain. I hated that he had to go alone but they were so compassionate and let him have his time. Our pets become family and it’s very hard letting go. Thank you for doing everything you could to make this a smooth transition even considering the circumstances.

Stefanie W.

Thank you for always taking such good care of my Georgia! NVC always has the most courteous, quick, and loving staff.

Heather B.
It’s going to be amazing place for all your pets. The staff will be amazing as well. I love being a part of the family, and I also love working with the NVC neighborhoods veterinarian centers
Aletha A.
They truly care about my dogs and do a fantastic job!
Chris J.
I am not sure that we would have celebrated Bear’s 8th birthday if not for Dr. Hanson treating his dire liver failure when he was 4. He was so so sick although he didn’t show it other than not eating and drinking. We are lucky to have Dr. Hanson and the staff in SETX!

Thankful for you always for these back surgeries, all the therapy, and speedy recoveries

We love Dr Hanson and the entire team! Our sweet Holly is 100% since having major shoulder surgery last spring. They go above and beyond to get you in immediately (we have been “worked in” several times), and took amazing care of Holly. No place better!

The 90+ dogs that he has helped for Wag Again Rescue say thank you!

Dr Hanson has never said no to a surgery, he always said, “absolutely” or “let’s give it a try”.

So many dogs owe their amazing lives with their furever families to this amazing man!

I’m SO THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for Dr. Brady Hanson and his staff because of them my 14 year old Hershey is living his Best Life!

2016-Paralyzed and had back surgery.

2019-TPLO Surgery

SEVERAL bouts with Pancreatitis. In the beginning he was having to stay with them for several days. Now it’s under control with proper diet.

I’m y’all’s BIGGEST FAN

Thank you Dr. Hanson and team for helping my girl! We are so thankful that y’all were willing to do anything to help her live her best life again. And Dixie is thriving! Only two months since surgery and she’s back to her old self again. THANK YOU!

Dr Hanson one of the best. I drive 50 mins each way just for my baby have the best care . Can not say enough great things about this clinic and staff

The difference is… your surgeons love our pets just as we do. Several years ago, you removed cancerous tumors from my dachshund and he lived longer, when the cancer returned in his throat this time, she held me and cried with me when it was time. She did not rush me. That was one of the hardest days of my life. I’ve never seen such compassion and it was greatly appreciated.

Dr. Hanson saved my medical alert service dog, Beaux. He had OCD of the left shoulder and other vets would not operate saying it was the worst case they had seen. Dr. Hanson said he was confident it could be repaired and Beaux is 110%. Grateful

We are so blessed to have this team in our community. I know I have had to call on Dr Hanson when no fur baby parent wants too…. And the trust and confidence within the entire staff put all my worries at ease.

Dr. Hanson has done numerous surgeries & procedures on my girls & my grand pups.

I never have a worry because I know I’m my heart this man has each of these animals in his heart. He loves them dearly & with God’s guidance he preforms miracles.

My 2lb Chihuahua neck surgery & 2 back surgeries on my grand pup to name a few.

My Dee received excellent care and I could not be more grateful to NVC.
Wags to Whiskers of Texas loves NVC. This clinic has the best vets and staff around. So many lives have been saved. It is worth the 2 hour drive. Our cats mean the world to us and they deserve the best care. That’s why they come here.

Dr Hanson, is the best!! The Garcia crew loves him

My pack would be no where else!! Dr. H is the bomb diggity!!
NVC is fabulous! NO ONE can compare to Dr Hanson and his team! And the after care is at a level that goes way above and beyond anyone we have ever had the pleasure to deal with! Love and hugs from Conroe (and Harley)!
Dr. Hanson and staff are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!
This I would choose yall 1,000 times over(thank god Smoke only had 2 legs for TPLO) the care, compassion, knowledge, equipment, and the people make all the difference Smoke loves to go here! Let me remind everyone he is a very large “pitbull” and they treat him no different than any other dog, that was huge for me due to past interactions with other clinics Thank each and every one of yall for everything yall do, it literally means the world to me how much yall genuinely care for my boy