Finding a pet boarding facility that feels like a home away from home for your four-legged family member can be a real challenge. That’s why our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder team has created an oasis that caters to all of your pet’s health and emotional wellness needs. Our boarding services offer an unparalleled blend of comfort, safety, and veterinary expertise, ensuring your four-legged friend’s stay is nothing short of exceptional. Our boarding accommodations are designed to ensure your pet’s comfort and reduce stress, which gives you peace of mind while you are away. Whether you require our services for a day, a week, or an extended period, we have the facilities and the skilled, passionate people to make your furry pal feel at home. Learn what to expect when you board your pet with us and how to prepare them to have a positive experience. 

Your pet deserves exceptional amenities

Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder team offers your furry friend an array of special amenities. Our cozy cat condos come with comfortable bedding that will satisfy the most refined feline, while our spacious indoor runs are perfect for dogs of all sizes who need room to roam. In addition, we understand that noise can cause our guests anxiety, which is why we play calming music throughout our facility to promote relaxation.

Moreover, we have securely enclosed outdoor play areas where your four-legged friend can enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Our compassionate staff provides individualized play and socialization sessions to keep your pet entertained and engaged. And yes, we provide multiple snack times!

The value of veterinary-supervised boarding for pets

What sets Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder apart from other pet care facilities is our veterinarian-supervised boarding service. Our highly trained staff closely monitor each guest to promptly identify and address any health concerns. Your pet’s wellbeing is our priority, so rest assured that any troubling behavior or illness signs are quickly reported, guaranteeing prompt medical attention in our on-site veterinary hospital. We also cater to pets with special needs. Our team provides skilled, compassionate care for all pets, including postsurgical orthopedic patients, chronically ill pets, and those with impaired mobility. We can also provide routine care, such as wellness exams, vaccinations, baths, and nail trims, during your furry pal’s stay. This comprehensive approach saves you time and ensures your pet receives consistent, high-quality care.

Packing for your pet’s stay

To help you prepare your pet for a successful boarding stay, we recommend you pack light. Leave special toys and beds at home to prevent them from getting damaged or lost. But don’t fret! Your pet will enjoy plenty of toys, playtime, and socialization. However, we do encourage you to send along certain items, including:

  • Specific food — Pack your pet’s food and ensure you provide detailed feeding instructions.
  • Medication and supplements — Remember to include all your pet’s medications and supplements, ideally in their original packaging, so our team can follow labeled dosing instructions accurately. Be sure to refill your furry pal’s prescriptions before dropping off your pet at our facility.
  • Care instructions — We want your pet to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay. If your four-legged friend has specific care requirements, provide our team with written instructions to help ensure we can maintain their usual routine seamlessly.

Prioritizing your pet’s health and safety

Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder team is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all our guests and staff. Therefore, all boarding pets must be up-to-date on their annual exam, appropriate vaccines, and parasite preventives. These precautions allow us to create a safe, harmonious environment for all. Be sure your pet has a preboarding veterinary examination so that they are up-to-date on all our facility’s health requirements. 

Tips for boarding your pet 

With some planning, you can help make your pet’s stay go smoothly. Before you board your four-legged friend at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder, follow these tips: 

  • Book in advance — During popular travel times, boarding facilities quickly fill up and you may be out of luck if you wait until the last minute to reserve. As soon as you know your travel dates, call us to book your pet’s stay.
  • Bring your pet for a tour — Your furry pal may appreciate checking out the accommodations in advance. Stop by to meet our staff, check out our housing arrangements, and ask questions.
  • Stay calm — Your pet is remarkably in tune with your emotions and picks up on your stress and anxiety. Keep your goodbye brief and upbeat, handing off the leash or carrier with a special treat to entice your pet to settle in. 

Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder team is compassionate and professional, and ready to provide your pet with an outstanding boarding experience. Bring in your furry pal to meet our exceptional staff and learn more about our pet care services. Book an appointment online or call us to secure a spot at your pet’s new home away from home.