Wellness Plans

Enhancing Your Pet’s Health and Happiness at Every Stage of Life.

The Best Gift for Your Beloved Companion!

The ultimate gift you can offer your pet is preventive healthcare. Regardless of their age and life stage, pets reap numerous advantages from our tailored wellness plans. These thoughtfully crafted plans encompass a wide range of preventive measures and early disease detection, ensuring your furry companion’s well-being from their earliest days as a tiny furball to their golden senior years. Beyond treats and toys, a wellness plan stands out as a truly cherished gift for your beloved four-legged family member!

Preventive Care Basics For Your Pet

A wellness plan gives your pet access to doctor-recommended wellness services at an affordable monthly cost. From core vaccinations to an array of preventive care services, our wellness plans deliver personalized care. This care keeps your furry sidekick in the best of health — so the two of you can enjoy more fun together:


Regular, frequent head-to-tail veterinary examinations can find health issues and abnormalities early on when they’re more treatable and less costly. We recommend the right schedule of visits based on your pet’s breed, health status, and lifestyle.


Pets, like people, need vaccinations against dangerous viral and bacterial infections. Choosing a wellness plan helps ensure that your pet receives regular immunizations to protect against these serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases.


Whether it is a fecal exam to check for parasites, or a blood profile to make sure the kidneys, liver, and other organs are working properly, routine tests are necessary to maintain your pet’s optimal wellness year after year. As your pet ages, your veterinarian may recommend more preventive diagnostics. Our wellness plans are customized to reflect the type and quantity of diagnostics we recommend based on your pet’s age.

Nutrition and Exercise

Diet and exercise are just as important for pets as they are for people. We partner with you, so your pet receives high-quality nutrition and maintains a healthy weight for a lifetime. As part of your pet’s regular preventive care exam, we monitor their weight to catch any extra pounds early on and keep your pet in tip-top shape.


Behavioral issues can ruin the relationship pets have with their human family. You can rely on us to get to the bottom of the problem and provide timely positive intervention before the behavioral challenges become unmanageable. From house and litter box training to age-related behavioral changes, we pinpoint the source of the issue, then provide targeted advice and treatment, so you and your pet remain the best of friends.

Oral Health

Oral health isn’t just about stinky breath. Oral health problems can be excruciating for your pet. Untreated dental disease can lead to serious illnesses, such as infection and heart disease. Regular dental assessments and cleanings are essential to your pet’s lasting good health. That’s why we’ve made dental services more accessible by including them in our wellness plan program.

Keep your pets healthy for less. with our monthly payment plans.

Preventive Care Plans

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving and extending the bond our clients share with their pets, we are offering preventive care plans for pets of all ages. This makes it as easy as possible to provide optimal care from the time your pet is a puppy or kitten into their senior years. Below are our core beliefs regarding preventive care plans:

  • Proactive Care: A schedule of essential diagnostic screenings, vaccines, and treatments keeps your four-legged friend on a healthy path.
  • Pets Age Faster: Every 6 months equals several human years for pets,
  • They Can’t Tell Us: Our pets can’t tell us when something is wrong. Hiding the symptoms of illness or injury is part of their innate behavior. Bi-annual examinations and diagnostic screenings do the talking for them.
  • Sometimes A Budget Saves Lives: We believe in honoring your bond with your trusty sidekick by doing our utmost to keep them happy and healthy. That’s why we offer preventive care plans with manageable monthly payments that you can work into your budget. Our goal is to make the cost of optimal wellness more affordable for pet parents.

Please let any of our team members know if you have questions about our preventive care plans program or would like to enroll your pet.

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