Your pet is perfect—you know it, the Neighborhood Veterinary Centers team knows it, and your pet’s annual wellness test results prove it.

Unfortunately, this can mean that pet owners cannot appreciate why these important, routine, annual tests are necessary and why they should go to the extra expense when their pet consistently receives a clean bill of health. 

But normal test results are worth more than momentary relief—they’re a long-term investment in your pet’s health. Here are five reasons why normal is exceptional.

#1: Normal results establish your pet’s health baseline

Every pet is unique, and so is their physiology. Although each physical and diagnostic measurement has a specific “normal” range or parameter, your pet’s health baseline may vary slightly from this normal. For example, your pet’s glucose (i.e., blood sugar) may always spike when they are stressed, or their kidney values may run higher, without any indication of disease.

By knowing your pet’s normal, your Neighborhood Veterinary Centers veterinarian can make informed and tailored recommendations about their care and avoid unnecessary tests.

#2: Normal results confirm your pet care is on track

Normal results are always a cause for celebration, because they prove that your pet’s current care regimen (e.g., preventive veterinary care, nutrition, exercise, hydration, and mental stimulation) is effective and is supporting their wellbeing inside and out. Well done! 

Normal results confirm that you’re making the right choices for your pet and should give you confidence to stay the course for the next 6 to 12 months. Otherwise, you may be tempted to stray from your pet’s normal routine by modifying their diet, reducing their exercise, or skipping their wellness exam—choices that could negatively impact their overall health.

#3: Normal results enhance your pet’s future veterinary care

Every normal report is a page in your pet’s wellness book that allows your veterinarian to track their progress. Unlike a single test result, chronological comparisons help your veterinarian identify subtle patterns and trends, and can signal hidden or progressive conditions. Chronic kidney disease, for example, often is not visibly apparent until 70% of the kidneys are destroyed, but by tracking your pet’s values, your veterinarian can see the steady changes and initiate early treatment—potentially adding years to your pet’s life. 

#4: Normal results reduce veterinary care costs

The cost of an annual wellness screening test may seem like a big expense on the day, but yearly testing is actually incredibly affordable for helping to ensure your pet’s lifelong good health. If your veterinarian sees a concerning trend or change on your pet’s otherwise normal results, they can recommend further testing or early intervention to diagnose, stop, or slow the abnormality before the problem becomes an established, and less controllable disease. Because most early stage conditions can be managed or cured with less invasive methods, early detection ensures a better outcome for the pet and less expense for the owner.

#5: Normal results provide pet owner peace of mind

As a devoted pet owner, you do everything you possibly can for your pet and anticipate their every need, but do you still worry that you’re missing something or that your pet is hiding a serious illness?

Normal wellness screening results are concrete proof that your pet’s internal systems are healthy and functioning well. Although no one can guarantee your pet’s good health forever, normal results can reassure you that, at least for the time being, your pet is healthy and thriving. 

This knowledge can make you confident about your pet’s health, guide your pet care decisions (e.g., staying up-to-date on their routine veterinary care), and allow you to focus on your pet’s happiness, rather than worrying about their health.

Be well! Say “Yes” to your pet’s annual wellness tests

When your pet’s annual wellness screenings are due, if you find yourself looking at your seemingly healthy dog or cat and considering declining the tests—remember, your pet’s current health has been shaped by their previous wellness care. Every physical exam, diagnostic test, and preventive measure has been an investment, and you can see the results.

Your pet is perfect—and healthy. Ensure they continue to thrive by continuing their routine wellness screenings. Schedule your pet’s annual visit at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers.