Preventive care is a successful pet health care plan’s backbone, but many pet owners avoid these essentials because of cost and budget concerns. Pet health insurance can help cover injury and illness costs, but does not usually cover annual wellness services. A wellness plan, which bundles your pet’s routine annual preventive care service costs into an affordable monthly payment, can fill pet insurance plans’ gaps. A pet wellness plan is also a viable option if you don’t have insurance and simply want an easier way to budget for your furry pal’s routine veterinary exams.

Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers wellness plans provide everything your pet needs to thrive. Learn about our wellness plans and how they can complement other payment options, including third-party repayment plans or pet health insurance.

Do more for your pet’s health

Preventive pet care service costs, such as examinations, vaccines, diagnostics, parasite prevention, and oral health care, can add up quickly. You may also feel overwhelmed during your pet’s wellness visits and have difficulty understanding recommended options, unsure which services are essential and which are less important. Wellness plans bundle all recommended services into one easy-to-understand package, which you can use during one veterinary visit or throughout the year. By packaging together your pet’s wellness care services, you get peace of mind knowing that you are providing the preventive care your pet needs and laying the groundwork for their healthy future. Take the guesswork out of preventive veterinary care by investing in a pet wellness plan.

Spread out veterinary care costs

For many pet owners, wellness visits, especially for puppies, kittens, and seniors, can be cost prohibitive. You may be able to afford your pet’s exam and vaccines, but feel you must forgo the optional blood work. Although you understand that your pet’s blood work is important, you may simply be unable to pay for these services at one time. Wellness plans spread care costs throughout the year, and you pay in monthly installments.

By paying a set amount each month, you are able to ensure your pet receives the essential health care services you may have previously believed you could not afford. No more unexpected costs, because each month you pay a predetermined amount to cover your pet’s routine care, including dental cleanings, optional diagnostic screening tests for aging pets, or year-round parasite prevention.

Receive veterinary care discounts

Most wellness plan bundles provide each service at a discounted cost, so you pay a lower bundled price than you would for each service individually. Wellness plan subscribers also have access to discounts on other products and services not included in the bundle, saving you money on preventive care, and also on overall care costs. Plans are typically offered in tiers, with the highest tiers including more services and greater discounts. You get more bang for your buck with a pet wellness plan.

Forge a closer relationship with your veterinary team

Wellness plans allow you to forge a closer relationship with your pet’s veterinary care team. Plans ensure your pet receives at least one annual exam, and encourage you to visit more frequently by including freebies, such as nail trims, and discounted extras. Your relationship with your pet’s veterinary team should feel collaborative and close. Afterall, together, you and your veterinarian make up your pet’s complete care team and provide better care than each could separately. 

Hesitate less when your pet needs sick care

Wellness plans include several preventive care examinations per year, and additional as-needed exams. Although plans do not include additional services for sick pets, such as X-rays for limping, sedation for a procedure, or take-home prescriptions, the exam fee for these visits is covered, which will significantly lower your overall bill. Because exam fees are covered, you won’t hesitate to schedule a visit because you’re worried about costs. In addition, your pet’s wellness plan can help reduce the number of sick visits per year by heading off preventable conditions and detecting chronic diseases or changes early in their course, when diseases are most responsive to treatments.

By investing in your pet’s wellness plan, you invest in their long-term health. A pet wellness plan allows you to budget for routine and preventive care, leaving more financial resources available if your pet or a human family member becomes sick. Contact your local Neighborhood Veterinary Centers team to learn more about pet wellness plans, how they complement pet health insurance, and how you can enroll.