When your pet needs surgery, knowing that your beloved friend is in the most skilled, capable hands is one thing that will set your worried heart and mind at ease. At Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland, we provide advanced surgical services to deliver the highest level of veterinary operative care—and the ultimate peace of mind.

From pre-operative testing to detailed discharge instructions and guidance, your pet’s surgical experience is carefully coordinated and supervised from start to finish.

What is advanced surgery for pets?

Most veterinary clinics and hospitals are capable of providing healthy pets with basic surgical care and services for routine procedures, such as spays, neuters, bladder stone removals, and mass excisions. But, at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland, we provide next-level care for healthy, sick, and critically ill or unstable pets with life-threatening conditions. Our skilled surgical team can perform the common elective surgeries above, as well as the following advanced procedures:

  • Abdominal organ biopsy
  • Airway correction
  • Anal sac removal
  • Ear canal surgery
  • Foreign object removal
  • Exploratory abdominal surgery 
  • Gastrointestinal surgeries (e.g., stomach, intestines)
  • Gastric dilation volvulus (GDV) surgery
  • Gastropexy (i.e., stomach tacking to prevent GDV)
  • Gallbladder removal
  • Perineal urethrostomy (PU)
  • Spleen removal

Specialized care for extra special pets

Our commitment to advanced care for your pet begins before they are anesthetized and continues long after they are awake. Let us explain what sets Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland apart as a trusted resource for advanced surgical care.

  • Pre-surgical planning — We use preparatory tests, such as blood work, urinalysis, electrocardiogram (ECG), and diagnostic imaging, to ensure each patient is fit for anesthesia and to allow the veterinary surgeon to map out your pet’s surgery, thereby reducing anesthesia time and minimizing unexpected complications.
  • Anesthetic safety measures — Each patient undergoing surgery is connected to an intravenous (IV) catheter and intubated for the procedure’s duration. The access to your pet’s central circulation and the airway protection ensure a smooth anesthetic experience and minimize lost time during an emergency or intraoperative complication. When appropriate, we also use fluid boluses, pre-oxygenation, pre-heating, blood transfusion, and constant rate infusion (CRI) preoperatively to support your pet’s vitals and control  pain.
  • Skilled hands-on nursing — Your pet is never alone or unattended during their surgical experience. Our dedicated surgical nursing team—whose members are licensed veterinary technicians—provides compassionate and attentive care to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable at all times.
  • Comprehensive pain management — Pain is more than an unpleasant sensation—pain can contribute to stress, delay healing, and increase surgical complications. We take an aggressive pain management approach that includes perioperative pain medication, minimally invasive surgical techniques, constant rate infusions (CRI), and postoperative therapies such as heat and cold packs and laser therapy.
  • Electronic monitoring — We use cutting-edge monitoring technology to track and record your pet’s vital signs, including oxygenation, heart and respiratory rate, heart rhythm, carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels, body temperature, and blood pressure. Any variation in your pet’s signs will sound an alarm and our team will take prompt corrective action.
  • Advanced surgical training — Our operating veterinarians have received advanced training and participate in ongoing continuing education to ensure their proficiency in orthopedic, soft tissue, and emergency procedures. Our veterinarians continuously challenge their skills to improve outcomes, minimize postoperative complications, and help pets enjoy a faster return to function.

  • State-of-the-art surgical suite — Our dedicated surgery space includes a sterile operating suite and precision surgical instruments. These advantages minimize infection risk and maximize patient safety. 
  • Skilled recovery nursing — Postoperative recovery can be tenuous for pets as their body attempts to metabolize any remaining anesthetic and rebalance their internal systems. At Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland, your pet’s vital signs and their physical and emotional comfort are closely monitored to ensure a smooth, stress-free, and uncomplicated recovery.
  • Postoperative care and rehabilitation — Most pets who undergo complex surgical procedures are hospitalized for 12 to 48 hours to ensure appropriate pain control and stable vital signs. During your pet’s discharge appointment, our veterinary team will review the veterinarian’s orders, including how to care for your pet at home. If appropriate, we may recommend that your pet take advantage of our on-site rehabilitation services, which can aid in hard- and soft-tissue recovery and provide excellent non-pharmaceutical pain relief.

You know your pet is special and deserves special treatment. We agree. So, when your pet needs a routine or complex surgery, turn to the neighbors you can trust at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland for the most advanced surgical and perioperative veterinary care in southeast Texas. Contact us to schedule your pet’s surgical consultation.