Tackling the spread of COVID-19 in our Neighborhoods

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This page will be updated to reflect our most up-to-date policies and procedures in reference to COVID-19.

We wanted to take a moment to round up all that we are doing to stand up to the chaos that COVID-19 is bringing to our communities. 

As you all know, we love pets. We also love people who love pets. It is our commitment to take every step necessary, to make the best decisions and take the most responsible steps to keep our team, our clients and our communities safe in this quickly changing and chaotic environment. We truly hope that each of you remains safe and healthy, and promise to do our part to flatten the curve. 

The impacts of COVID-19 are evolving rapidly. We are and will continue to closely monitor the situation and follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) along with national and local authorities. Despite the unprecedented challenges we are facing, we are determined to continue offering the highest level of care to our clients and the pets we all love. Currently, we are implementing the following changes to our work processes and services in the coming days and weeks:

No-Contact Appointments

These measures will help us limit interaction and practice better social distancing without a lobby full of people. As much as we love catching up with all of our pet parents, please know that for everyone’s safety, all conversations will be reduced to only the care of your pets.   

  • • We are not currently permitting clients to accompany their pets inside of our clinics, for the safety of all involved.

  • • When you arrive, clients must call the clinic from the parking lot. We will sign you in over the phone. We will ask and discuss any questions (necessary pet history, etc.) over the phone prior to your pet’s exam.

  • • After checking in via phone, when an exam room is available, we will report to your car to pick up your pet.

  • • You will need to unload your pet out of the car. For any small or immobile animals that aren’t on a leash, please have them in a carrier for transport.  

  • • We will then usher in ONLY the pet to an exam room to minimize person to person exposure.

  • • We will call you to discuss exam findings, treatment plans, and cost estimates.

  • • Your pet and any followup medications/necessities will be returned to your car.

  • • All payments will be handled over the phone. 

  • • If you feel ill, please stay home and allow a healthy friend or relative to secure veterinary assistance on your pet’s behalf.


We are offering transportation services (FREE OF CHARGE) at all of our clinics to clients who prefer not to leave their homes.

  • Each clinic has a running list of first-come, first-serve clients to send a transporter to pick up pets (within a 15-mile radius of each clinic) transport them to the clinic for necessary care and then return them home by the end of the day. Clients, you MUST call the clinic to be placed on these lists.


Our online stores are the best way to get your pet’s necessary medications.

  • • We can quickly review and approve medication requests.

  • • Everything ships directly to your door, limiting unnecessary human contact.

Each of our clinics has its own store. You can quickly access each with the following links:

Groves Store

Calder Store

Wallisville Store

We are limiting staff members in response to our new service policies and client need requirements.

  • • As individuals, we remain the first line of defense in mitigating the spread of this virus. Please be reminded of the importance of “social distancing,” washing and sanitizing hands frequently and of course staying home if feeling ill.

  • • If any of our employees begin showing signs of illness, they are being required to quarantine themselves. 

  • • At this time, we have not had any confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 within our clinic staff.


We offer after-hours triage service at ALL of our clinics. 

If you have an urgent question or concern after we’ve closed for the day, call our clinic. After-hours calls are answered by licensed and certified veterinary technicians to help you determine the seriousness of your concern. From there, we can schedule you for an appointment during business hours or refer you to a trusted emergency clinic nearby. 


Walk-In appointments will only be utilized for emergency and essential cases. 

Routine wellness exams and spay/neuter surgeries must be scheduled in advance. Examples of essential cases would be as follows:

  • • Sick/injured pet exams

  • • Recheck/follow up appointments

  • • New puppies and kittens that need to start a vaccine series

  • • Current patients that must finish a vaccine series

  • • Current patients that must have an exam or lab work to continue on chronic medications

  • • Medically necessary surgical/anesthetic appointments, including dental appointments and oral surgeries.

Click on the clinic where you’d like to schedule an appointment: 



Even in times of unrest and confusion, we remain here for you. We will continue to serve our communities as best we can, for the love of pets. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thanks, everyone. Please stay inside and stay safe.
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Additional resources:
Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization
American Veterinary Medical Association


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