Decoding Dog Flu: Canine Influenza Frequently Asked Questions

Canine influenza (i.e., dog flu) is understandably concerning for pet owners. While this contagious viral respiratory infection can cause an affected dog to experience signs similar to those in humans who get the flu, key differences and considerations exist between the virus’s human and canine strains. By learning to understand these differences, their implications, and [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Canine Body Language

Dogs evolved to live alongside humans, but they haven’t developed the ability to speak. However, they do use their body signals to communicate with other dogs and humans, having created an entirely unique language. Learning your dog’s body language helps you understand what they need and want, and fosters a respectful, loving relationship. Our Neighborhood [...]

5 Common Summer Pet Emergencies

Long summer days entice people and pets to spend more time outside doing the activities they love, gathering with friends and family, and interacting with other pets and pet owners at the park. While these activities are essential for physical and mental health, they also can increase the chances that your pet will experience an [...]

Decoding Your Cat’s Body Language

Cats are not always easy to understand or live with, but learning to read their body language cues can help you create a harmonious relationship and household. Recognizing when your cat is anxious, fearful, or overly excited can also help prevent your feline friend from having an altercation with other household members—humans and animals. Our [...]

Shedding Light on Why Your Pet Is Losing Hair

Fur stuck to clothes, furniture, and blankets is a common aspect of pet ownership, but if your four-legged friend’s hair loss becomes excessive, you may become concerned. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Wallisville team shares common problems that can cause pets to experience hair loss, and describes what you can do about your four-legged friend’s [...]

Untrained or Unwell? 5 Pet Behavior Problems That May Indicate Illness

Your pet’s behavior is closely linked to their internal health and unfortunately, this can make knowing the reasons for their inappropriate actions a challenge. Are they behaving inappropriately because of a break in their training, or are they ill and need to visit Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Wallisville?  Here are five common pet behavior problems [...]

7 Odd Cat Behaviors Explained

Cats are mysterious creatures, and when you watch your funny feline’s antics, you likely wonder why on earth they are behaving so strangely. While we may never completely understand our feline companions’ wacky ways, many of their weird behaviors actually have an explanation. To help you better understand your curious cat, our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers [...]

3 Common Feline Oral Health Issues

People more often think of dogs having dental issues, since “doggy breath” is named after them, and even powerful canine chewers can break their teeth chomping on too-hard chew toys. However, cats are almost as likely to develop dental disease, with roughly 85% of cats suffering from periodontal problems by age 3, compared with 90% [...]

Why Does my Dog Do That?! Weird Dog Behaviors Explained

Your dog's silly antics are part of their charm, but has your funny furry friend done something particularly odd, and left you wondering, “Why do they do that?!” Although humans may not understand every strange dog behavior, our canine companions have their reasons for their weird behaviors, which are not only for our entertainment. Dogs [...]

Pets and People: Reducing Disease Transmission

Although different species, animals and humans can share some contagious diseases. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 250 diseases can be transmitted from pets and other animals to people worldwide. The number of zoonotic diseases in the United States is closer to 40, and only a handful are [...]

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