An Unpleasant FAD: Flea Allergy Dermatitis in Pets

Seeing fleas creep through your pet’s fur is upsetting, but when those pesky parasites cause your four-legged friend to experience an allergic reaction, the situation becomes much worse. Flea bite allergy, or flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), is a leading cause of allergies in pets. Read our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Waller team’s guide to FAD, [...]

5 Reasons Why Every Pet Deserves a Microchip

Life-saving decisions aren’t always big—sometimes, they’re no bigger than a rice grain. According to the American Humane Society, approximately 10 million pets are lost or stolen every year. Microchipping is a simple, effective, and affordable method that can ensure your beloved pet is identified and returned to you should the unthinkable happen. If that sounds [...]

6 Toxic Foods to Avoid Giving Your Pet

You share so much with your pet—cuddles, the bed, your favorite couch spot—but sharing food with your pet can do more harm than good. Many foods that are safe for people can be toxic to pets. These toxic foods can cause your pet severe health issues and, in some cases, can lead to death. To [...]

4 Chew Toy Rules for Your Pet

Finding the perfect chew toy for your furry pal is tough when you are faced with aisle after aisle of products. To help, our team has put together a guide that outlines chew toy rules, and lists which toys and chews to avoid, and which ones are safe options. #1: Avoid toxic chemicals and ingredients [...]

Choosing the Perfect Pet for Your Family

Nothing compares to a pet’s loyalty and companionship. Their unconditional love provides many physical and mental benefits, and a pet can enrich your family’s life for years to come. However, a pet is a lifelong commitment, and you must carefully consider your adoption decision, such as the pet type that best fits with your family. [...]

5 Tips To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Outside access is not a feline happiness requirement, and indoor cats can live happy, safe, and engaging lives, where they do not encounter outdoor dangers. Ensure your favorite feline stays healthy and happy by creating a cat-friendly indoor environment that encourages their natural instincts, provides adequate exercise, and keeps them mentally engaged. To help keep [...]

Protect Your Beloved Companion With Pet Insurance

Life with pets can be unpredictable. Unexpected illnesses, injuries, and emergencies can leave you torn between paying for extensive veterinary care and keeping food on the table. Pet insurance provides a way to do both. As a premier veterinary facility in Southeast Texas, our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Waller team provides pets with advanced medical [...]

Oops, I Did it Again—Inappropriate Urination in Cats

Hey, it’s your cat. I know things look bad, but let me explain. I didn’t choose to urinate on your clean laundry—although I know it looks like I did. Actually, I can’t “go” in my litter box for several specific reasons, and when you gotta go, you gotta go—you know? Please don’t get mad, because [...]

A Holiday Pet Hazards House Tour

Holiday traditions often include extravagant meals, festive decorations, and large gatherings, all of which can be stressful or hazardous to your pet. Pets operate on a different physical and emotional level than their people, and your home’s holiday changes transform your environment to a pet hazard minefield. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Waller team understands [...]

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