Veterinary Rehabilitation: Physical Therapy for Pets

Physical therapy is widely accepted and practiced in human medicine. When a person is recovering from an injury or surgery, their physician will likely recommend physical therapy to help assist with their recuperation. Similarly, people who have functionally limiting conditions benefit from physical therapy. Pets often suffer from similar injuries or diseases and can benefit [...]

Common Heart Diseases in Dogs and Cats

Heart disease is not exclusive to humans. Dogs and cats can also develop various heart conditions. In humans, heart disease is most often correlated with a high cholesterol level and an unhealthy lifestyle, which can lead to coronary artery blockages. However, your dog or cat may have been born with heart disease (i.e., congenital) or [...]

Advanced Orthopedic Surgeries for Pets

Developmental orthopedic issues, degenerative joint conditions, and injuries are extremely common in pets of all ages. Some conditions respond well to medical therapies, but others require surgery to restore a pet to their normal function and reduce chronic pain. A veterinarian must have advanced specialty training to perform orthopedic surgeries. In addition, orthopedic surgery requires [...]

Patellar Luxation in Dogs

Patellar luxation is a frequently occurring canine knee condition. Around 7% of puppies are born with genetic knee and lower leg abnormalities that cause patellar luxation. Occasionally, trauma can alter a dog’s knee mechanics. While most affected dogs cope well and live normal lives, those with moderate or severe patellar luxation may require treatment. If [...]

Allergy Testing in Pets

Skin problems are frequently the reason why southeast Texas pets visit the Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland team, and skin problems often are caused by allergies. Up to 30% of dogs develop an allergy in their lifetime, and cats are also susceptible. Itchiness, redness, ear infections, skin infections, and hair loss can plague pets with [...]

Tick-y Situation? FAQs About Tick-Borne Diseases in Pets

It’s easy to get ticked off about ticks—these tiny, but tenacious, arachnids carry a host of serious bacterial and protozoal infections and diseases that can make your pet seriously ill. Fortunately, year-round flea and tick prevention from Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland can put a stop to these creepy-crawling criminals and give you powerful peace [...]

10 Ways to Help Your Pet Recover After Surgery

The thought of your pet undergoing surgery is worrisome enough, not to mention the postoperative recovery period. You are likely unsure of what to expect after your pet’s surgery, or how best to care for your furry pal to help ensure a smooth, speedy recovery. When you pick up your pet after surgery, you may [...]

Dental Surgery at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers

As a pet owner, you do all you can to help prevent your furry pal from having to endure dental surgery. However, sometimes your pet’s oral surgery procedure is unavoidable. When your pet needs dental surgery or corrective treatment, our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland team is prepared to provide your pet with the care [...]

Common Canine Sporting Injuries

Canine sports, such as agility, flyball, disc dog, dock diving, and Fast CAT® (i.e., fast coursing ability test), are enjoying increasing popularity in southeast Texas. Although these activities are incredibly fun and rewarding ways to bond with your furry friend, their physical requirements also pose unique injury risks to four-legged competitors. Whether your dog is [...]

Advanced Surgery for Pets

When your pet needs surgery, knowing that your beloved friend is in the most skilled, capable hands is one thing that will set your worried heart and mind at ease. At Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland, we provide advanced surgical services to deliver the highest level of veterinary operative care—and the ultimate peace of mind. [...]

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