All Pets Need Preventive Care

Preventive veterinary care is a fundamental pet health aspect, but these services’ importance is often underestimated. Your responsibility is to ensure that your furry friend lives the healthiest and happiest life possible, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is through regular preventive care. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nasa team explains preventive [...]

8 Tips for Solving Inappropriate Elimination in Cats

Inappropriate elimination (i.e., house soiling) is the top reason owners relinquish their cats and shelters euthanize them because they are deemed unadoptable. The problem is often multifactorial, and many cat owners struggle to understand why their whiskered pal is suddenly acting out in such a profound way. After all, accidents around the house are difficult [...]

The Heat is On: Heatstroke Awareness and Prevention in Pets

While we all love to spend time outdoors during the summer, the Southeast Texas heat and sun can be extremely dangerous for pets. One of pets’ most significant hot-weather hazards is heatstroke, which can be deadly in up to half of those affected. Pets cannot cool off as easily as people, and a temperature that [...]

What Lies Beneath: Blue-Green Algae Toxicity in Pets

Blue-green algae (i.e., cyanobacteria) thrive in stagnant, warm water and produce hazardous bacterial toxins (i.e., cyanotoxins). Each blue-green algae species produces a different toxin, the worst of which attacks a pet’s nervous system and liver. The toxin often attacks rapidly, and an affected pet may not survive long enough to receive emergency, lifesaving treatment. Cyanotoxin [...]

Yard and Garden Safety Tips for Pets

Outdoor enthusiasts in southeast Texas enjoy tending to their gardens and yards in the mild spring weather, wanting to get outside as much as possible before the intense summer heat kicks in. But, the outdoors holds more dangers for pets than many people realize. Keep your pet in mind as you encourage your grass to [...]

Puppy Care Do’s and Don’ts

So you’ve just adopted the softest, fluffiest, most adorable puppy, and you can hardly stop staring into their loving eyes. You think of the years ahead and smile as you picture all of the adventures you’ll have together. You just know your puppy will be one of those pets that learns to bring you the [...]

5 Reasons to Have Your Pet Vaccinated Regularly

You do everything you can to help ensure your four-legged friend’s happiness and health. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by ensuring your pet’s vaccinations are kept up-to-date. Pet vaccinations are categorized as core and non-core. All cats and dogs should receive core (e.g., rabies) vaccinations. In addition, our Neighborhood Veterinary [...]

How Often Does My Pet Need a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Dental disease (i.e., periodontal disease) is dogs’ and cats’ most common preventable condition. To help prevent your pet from experiencing gingivitis, fractured or infected teeth, tooth loss, and organ damage, they need regular professional and at-home dental care. Learn how routine professional dental cleanings by our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nasa team can improve your [...]

Antifreeze Toxicity in Pets

Many people use antifreeze—an additive that lowers the freezing point of a water-based liquid—to prepare their vehicles and homes for cold winter temperatures. While antifreeze is beneficial for preventing a vehicle’s engine from corrosion during freezing temperatures, this chemical’s active ingredient, ethylene glycol, is extremely toxic—and often deadly—to pets. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nasa [...]

Why is Preventive Care Important for My Pet?

Providing appropriate preventive care can protect your pet from serious health complications and prevent you from having to pay for expensive treatments. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nasa team wants to improve and prolong your pet’s life, and we explain why preventive care is so important for your four-legged friend. Why are wellness visits important [...]

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