Protect Your Cat’s Smile: Understanding Resorptive Lesions

Your cat’s dental health impacts their overall well-being. To help maintain their oral health, learn about feline resorptive lesion causes, signs, and treatments. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of La Marque team prioritizes your feline companion’s health, including providing dental care. Read our guide to feline resorptive lesions, and learn about this dental disease’s causes, signs, [...]

Unraveling the Mystery of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy promises to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and speed healing in dogs and cats with various medical conditions. This may sound too good to be true, but scientific studies prove the treatment’s efficacy in many clinical situations. Laser therapy also offers an excellent safety profile and is suitable for nearly all pets. The [...]

Nutrition Simplified: How to Choose the Best Food for Your Pet

Good nutrition is essential for your health and wellbeing—and your pet’s. Many people struggle to decipher their own nutritional needs, and understanding how to properly feed your pet can be equally confusing. With so many pet foods on the market, it’s no surprise people often have questions about how to choose the right diet for [...]

Hunting Season Pet Safety Hazards

As autumn leaves start to change color and temperatures begin to cool, many areas enter a new season—hunting season. While many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy this time of year, hunting season poses hazards for pets. While you and your pet don’t need to stay indoors to avoid accidental injury, you do need to take precautions to [...]

Fighting Off Fleas and Tackling Ticks: Parasite Prevention for Pets

Whether your dog or cat is a homebody who stays solely indoors, or an adventurous explorer who loves to investigate outdoors, flea and tick prevention is essential. To help you navigate the complicated territory of tablets, topicals, and timing, our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers team has produced the following guide on choosing the best pet flea [...]

Dog Paddle and Beyond: 7 Pet Swimming Safety Tips

When the southeast Texas sun beats down and temperatures soar above 100 degrees, few things are more enjoyable than a refreshing dip in the pool. Most dogs also enjoy a good swim, but some don’t have the skills to stay safe in the water. Although a few breeds are built for swimming, others must build [...]

Feline Respiratory Infection FAQs

Does your cat have frequent sneezing, nasal discharge, or runny eyes? These are typical feline upper respiratory infection signs, and they resemble human cold virus signs. While infection is more common in young cats and those in shelters, the condition can affect almost any cat of any age.  Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of LaMarque team [...]

Allergies and More: Reasons Your Pet is Itchy

Spring has arrived, and with it comes allergy season—which leaves many people with runny noses and pets with itchy skin. Allergies are one of several reasons pets may become itchy, with parasites and skin infections other main culprits. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of LaMarque team can treat itchy pets effectively, but first, we must find [...]

4 Tips to Support Your Senior Pet

As pets age, their health care needs change. Senior pets’ health care needs are different from those of younger cats and dogs. Therefore, to maintain a good quality of life for years to come, senior pets often require additional support. To help make your senior pet’s golden years some of their happiest and healthiest, follow [...]

12 Months of Incredible Change: Your Kitten’s First Year

During your kitten’s first year, they will go through a number of changes as they reach growth and developmental milestones. By knowing what to expect as your feline friend grows, you can help guide them, ensuring they grow up happy, healthy, and confident. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of La Marque team describes several kitten milestones [...]

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