Allergies and More: Reasons Your Pet is Itchy

Spring has arrived, and with it comes allergy season—which leaves many people with runny noses and pets with itchy skin. Allergies are one of several reasons pets may become itchy, with parasites and skin infections other main culprits. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of LaMarque team can treat itchy pets effectively, but first, we must find [...]

4 Tips to Support Your Senior Pet

As pets age, their health care needs change. Senior pets’ health care needs are different from those of younger cats and dogs. Therefore, to maintain a good quality of life for years to come, senior pets often require additional support. To help make your senior pet’s golden years some of their happiest and healthiest, follow [...]

12 Months of Incredible Change: Your Kitten’s First Year

During your kitten’s first year, they will go through a number of changes as they reach growth and developmental milestones. By knowing what to expect as your feline friend grows, you can help guide them, ensuring they grow up happy, healthy, and confident. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of La Marque team describes several kitten milestones [...]

Why Does My Pet Have Bad Breath?

If you once loved kisses from your pet but can no longer stand their bad breath, you may be wondering what’s causing the offensive odor. While some odor is normal, your pet’s breath should not smell so strong that you are almost knocked over. In some cases, bad breath may indicate a serious medical condition. [...]

Indoor Enrichment Ideas for Dogs

The cold winter months can make it challenging to get outside with your dog, but lack of adequate physical and mental enrichment can cause unwanted behavior problems. During warmer weather, your dog is enriched by their daily walks and outdoor playtimes, which are not always possible in colder weather. Enrichment activities provide dogs with socialization, [...]

Puppy Socialization

When you hear the word “socialize,” you may think of someone who is the life of the party, loves spending time with others, and is well-liked by everyone they know. But, when we talk about socializing a pet, we’re not concerned with their status or popularity among their furry friends. Rather, we are referring to [...]

Feed the Love—Five Strategies for Selecting the Best Pet Food

Some topics you simply do not discuss in mixed company—politics, religion, and your pet’s food. Jokes aside, the multi-billion dollar pet food industry’s products have become a contentious and polarizing topic for many owners. With so many options—and opinions—you likely wonder which food is best for your pet. Choosing the right pet food is about [...]

5 Tips to Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

One of the hardest parts about pet ownership is their short lifespan. Losing a pet is heart-wrenching, and you want them to live as long as possible. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of La Marque team wants to help by providing tips to improve your pet’s quality of life and increase their longevity. #1: Schedule regular [...]

Welcome Home Kitten!

Kittens are cute, cuddly, and extremely active, and planning properly for their arrival can ensure a positive and smooth transition to their new home. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of La Marque team describes how to help set up your kitten for success.  Socialize your kitten To become well-adjusted adult cats, all kittens need early socialization—exposure [...]

Safe and Satisfying Gifts for Every Pet on Your List

When it comes to holiday gifts, some people are tough to shop for. And, humans are not the only ones who can pose a gift-giving dilemma—particular pets can be equally difficult to impress. We know that your holiday shopping list is full of pets you want to shower with love, so our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers [...]

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