When You Are the First Responder: Building a Pet First Aid Kit

Pets are prone to accidents, injuries, and other emergencies. While our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team members are pet care experts, a veterinary first aid kit is handy when you travel with your pet, or must stabilize them before you transport them to our clinic. In some situations, performing first aid can be lifesaving, [...]

Interesting Facts About Curious Cats

If you are a cat owner, a cat admirer, or simply cat curious, you are in the right place. Regardless of your feline feelings, you likely agree that these creatures can be quite mysterious. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team adores our curious kitty clients, and we’re taking a deep look at the feline [...]

Canine-stein—Fun Facts About Dog Intelligence and Cognition

Everyone who lives with a dog knows they’re cunning, creative, and capable of far more than “Sit” and “Stay.” And, although not every canine would qualify as “Most Likely to Succeed” at their local obedience school, the Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team knows each dog has their day—and a mind of their own.  Here [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Professional Pet Dental Cleanings

You value your own dental health, but may not realize that your pet’s dental health is equally important. You go to the dentist regularly for your teeth to be cleaned, so why would you think your pet’s teeth would magically stay clean without regular professional care? Well-meaning pet owners often neglect their pet’s dental care, [...]

5 Wellness Care Benefits—A Pet’s Point of View

Dear Human, It’s me—your favorite furry friend. It’s a new year, and I know you are excited about your New Year resolutions—including the one to prioritize my health care and improve my quality and quantity of life. A trip to the veterinarian is definitely not my favorite thing, but I consider myself extremely wise, and [...]

3 Ways to Assess Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

If you own a senior pet or a pet who has been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, you have probably heard your veterinarian use the phrase, “quality of life,” but you may still have questions about the meaning of these words, and how you can evaluate your pet’s overall comfort and wellbeing. Our [...]

Prevent Common Pet Emergencies

Not every pet emergency can be avoided, but you can greatly reduce your pet’s risk by learning about the most common emergencies and taking precautions to prevent them. One of the most common pet emergencies is toxin ingestion, which is best avoided by familiarizing yourself with common toxins and ensuring they are not accessible to [...]

Living Well—Routine Wellness Screenings for Pets

Your pet is your best friend and constant companion, and you will do anything to ensure they stay by your side for as long as possible. Routine wellness screenings at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves can help you achieve this goal. Annual veterinary care is not only an obligation, but also an opportunity to assess [...]

Getting from “No!” to “Yes!” Preventing Puppy Behavior Problems

Congratulations! Rumor has it that you’re the proud owner of the cutest puppy in all of Groves, Texas—maybe the entire Southeast Texas region! Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of  Groves team is eager to meet your furry bundle of joy, but in the meantime, start them off on the right paw by following our quick-start guide [...]

Bough Wow! Four Holiday Pet-Safety Reminders

The holidays are here again, making Southeast Texas merry and bright. Because this season is about peace and joy, our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team is here to help your pet remain calm and avoid all the holiday’s hazards. To ensure you enjoy this joyous peaceful season—with no pet emergencies—we gift you four holiday [...]

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