Could My Pet Have Cancer? 7 Can’t Miss Warning Signs

Cancer. The word alone strikes fear in every pet owner’s heart. Sadly, one in four dogs and one in five cats will develop cancer in their lifetime. But, all hope isn’t lost—early detection and treatment remain the best predictor for a positive outcome. Ensure you don’t miss a thing about your pet’s health by regularly [...]

Do-It-Yourself Enrichment Toys for Pets

Part of responsible pet ownership involves ensuring your furry friend lives a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. Like you, your pet needs mental and physical challenges to engage their mind and body and support their overall wellbeing. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team wants to help you keep your pet’s mind sharp and healthy, [...]

Your Good Pet Care Neighbor

Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team knows that you want nothing but the highest quality care for your pet. Our passionate team members pride themselves on providing exceptional veterinary care and myriad services to accommodate all your pet’s needs because that’s what good neighbors do. Learn more about the services we offer to make [...]

What is Cold Laser Therapy for Pets?

Cold lasers have been used to treat pets’ conditions for several decades, and the veterinary profession now has advanced the technology and knowledge to administer laser therapy successfully for nearly all conditions. Cold lasers deliver specific light wavelengths into tissues, speeding recovery and reducing pain. Because lasers cause minimal side effects, veterinarians widely use this [...]

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs Regular Veterinary Care

Your cat may rarely complain, except when their food bowl is missing a few kibbles and looks empty in their eyes. Cats are tremendously skilled at hiding health issues and seldom give voice to their pain or discomfort, so they rely on you and your veterinary team to detect hidden problems, administer treatment, and provide [...]

The Dog Days of Summer are Here

Residents in Groves and many other Texas communities understand how high summer temperatures can climb, but may not understand how much their pets are at risk. Heatstroke can strike and kill in hours, but your simple actions can reduce this risk and keep your pets safe throughout the season. The Neighborhood Veterinary Centers team shares [...]

First Class: Your Pet’s Pre-Boarding Checklist

We know there’s no place like home, but the Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team strives to ensure that our first-class boarding facility is your pet’s second favorite place in all of southeast Texas.  As any two-legged traveler knows, the most successful vacations begin long before the departure date. To ensure your pet has the [...]

When You Are the First Responder: Building a Pet First Aid Kit

Pets are prone to accidents, injuries, and other emergencies. While our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team members are pet care experts, a veterinary first aid kit is handy when you travel with your pet, or must stabilize them before you transport them to our clinic. In some situations, performing first aid can be lifesaving, [...]

Interesting Facts About Curious Cats

If you are a cat owner, a cat admirer, or simply cat curious, you are in the right place. Regardless of your feline feelings, you likely agree that these creatures can be quite mysterious. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team adores our curious kitty clients, and we’re taking a deep look at the feline [...]

Canine-stein—Fun Facts About Dog Intelligence and Cognition

Everyone who lives with a dog knows they’re cunning, creative, and capable of far more than “Sit” and “Stay.” And, although not every canine would qualify as “Most Likely to Succeed” at their local obedience school, the Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Groves team knows each dog has their day—and a mind of their own.  Here [...]

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