Getting an Earful: Chronic Ear Infections in Pets

You no doubt feel sad and frustrated as you watch your beloved pet suffering—again—from an ear infection. Southeast Texas pet owners commonly seek care at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder for their pet with a chronic ear infection. Our knowledgeable team takes a comprehensive approach to this issue by addressing not only the signs, but [...]

Heartworm Disease Prevention FAQs

Heartworm disease is a common conversation topic during veterinary wellness visits. While most pet owners know this condition is dangerous, they often question the need for regular parasite prevention, the disease’s severity, and their pet’s risk. Help safeguard your pet from contracting this deadly condition by reading our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder team’s answers [...]

Your Puppy’s First Year

Your puppy’s first 12 months are a whirlwind of learning and growing. Make the most of their first year by taking strategic steps to ensure they have a long, healthy, and happy life.   The five building blocks below can form a strong foundation for lifelong canine wellness. When you prioritize these key areas, you’ll see [...]

5 Ways to Show Your Pet Some Love

Love is in the air, and nobody loves you more than your pet. And, of course, the feeling is mutual. Our team At Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder shares five ways to show your pet how much they mean to you this loving season.  #1: Go on an adventure with your pet Sure, pets thrive [...]

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Around Pets

Pet owners often ask us for advice and resources that will help ensure their two- and four-legged children peacefully coexist. A child’s safety is a parent’s highest priority, but your pet must also be  comfortable and fear-free around children. Our team at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder understands the responsibilities of pet owners who also [...]

3 Essential Questions About Your Pet’s Weight

Scroll your social media for a few minutes, and you no doubt will stumble on an adorable pudgy pet with endless rolls and a giggle-inducing waddle. However, once you understand the myriad of health consequences that can affect overweight pets, you may not find these posts so entertaining. Determining your pet’s ideal weight is essential, [...]

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Your Four-Legged Friend

Winter is in full swing in Southeast Texas, and the chilly temperatures can be uncomfortable—and dangerous—for pets. Keep your pet warm, dry, and safe this winter season with these cold weather safety tips for pets from the team at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder #1: Keep antifreeze stored safely away from pets Many people use [...]

Sweet But Deadly—Understanding Xylitol Toxicity in Pets

Xylitol toxicity is a rising threat for pets, especially our canine companions. This little-known ingredient that was once limited to sugar-free gum and candy now can be found in numerous foods and commonly used household products. Learn where you can find this popular sweetener and recognize toxicity signs, and how you can protect your pet [...]

Lonely Hearts—Separation Anxiety in Pets

Separation anxiety is a challenging condition that can affect the pet’s quality of life and strain the pet-owner relationship. Owners of anxious pets may feel limited—or controlled—by their pet’s behavior and emotional needs, and become resentful.  Separation anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life. With a proper diagnosis at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder and [...]

Fact or Fiction: Uncovering the Truth About Heartworm Disease in Pets

You have likely heard of heartworm disease, but you may not be sure how the disease can affect your pet, or how to protect them from this deadly parasite. Many half-truths and downright myths surround heartworm disease, so our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder team is here to clear up any misinformation about this serious [...]

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