Low-Stress Pet Handling Methods to Use at Home

One of the most powerful ways we communicate with our pets is through touch. While some handling methods can stress or frighten our pets, touching our pets appropriately reduces their stress by sending the message they are safe. Low-stress pet handling techniques offer a gentler, more empathetic approach to interacting with your pet, strengthen your [...]

On-Site Diagnostics at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers

Diagnostic testing provides veterinarians with the information they need to diagnose and treat almost every health condition, but using outsourced tests can mean waiting several days to weeks for the results. This delay is acceptable for stable and relatively healthy pet, but can mean the difference between life and death for a patient with a [...]

The Bitter Truth: Chocolate Toxicity in Pets

Many holidays will be here soon, and the sweets will come with them. Chocolaty treats are timeless holiday staples, and you and your pet may have a difficult time resisting the food’s delicious aroma and sweet flavor. However, chocolate can be toxic and, in some cases, deadly to pets. To learn the bitter truth about [...]

The Ultimate Pet Boarding Experience at NVC of Calder

Finding a pet boarding facility that feels like a home away from home for your four-legged family member can be a real challenge. That’s why our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder team has created an oasis that caters to all of your pet's health and emotional wellness needs. Our boarding services offer an unparalleled blend [...]

Making Sense of Alphabet Soup: Understanding Your Pet’s Blood Work

Your veterinarian hands you your pet’s blood work results and your head spins as you try to decipher RBC, WBC, BUN, ALP, and more. This alphabet soup likely means little or nothing to you, when your pet’s health is all you care about. Without extensive medical knowledge, those results can be challenging to understand, so [...]

5 Pet Safety Tips for Your Next Cookout

Cookouts are a summer staple—they allow us to reconnect with friends and family and enjoy delicious food in signature Texas barbecue style. But, at any raucous gathering, your pet has the opportunity for dangerous mischief. The Neighborhood Veterinary Centers team in Calder, Texas, knows cookouts with pets are a non-negotiable part of our culture, so [...]

Mew Digs: How to Welcome Your New Cat

Welcome home, kitty! Our local Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder team has learned that there’s a new cat in town, and we are eager to help ensure a purr-fect transition for everyone involved. Whether your new cat is a wide-eyed kitten or a wizened senior, read our top tips for ensuring a safe, stress-free, and [...]

Getting an Earful: Chronic Ear Infections in Pets

You no doubt feel sad and frustrated as you watch your beloved pet suffering—again—from an ear infection. Southeast Texas pet owners commonly seek care at Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder for their pet with a chronic ear infection. Our knowledgeable team takes a comprehensive approach to this issue by addressing not only the signs, but [...]

Heartworm Disease Prevention FAQs

Heartworm disease is a common conversation topic during veterinary wellness visits. While most pet owners know this condition is dangerous, they often question the need for regular parasite prevention, the disease’s severity, and their pet’s risk. Help safeguard your pet from contracting this deadly condition by reading our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Calder team’s answers [...]

Your Puppy’s First Year

Your puppy’s first 12 months are a whirlwind of learning and growing. Make the most of their first year by taking strategic steps to ensure they have a long, healthy, and happy life.   The five building blocks below can form a strong foundation for lifelong canine wellness. When you prioritize these key areas, you’ll see [...]

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