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What to Do if Your Pet Ingests a Toxin

At Neighborhood Veterinary Centers, our expert teams care for countless cases of accidental poisoning every year. Sadly, most toxin exposures occur in or around the home and could be prevented. Knowing how to respond when your pet ingests a harmful substance could save their life.  #1: Keep calm and care for your pet Panic may [...]

Tips for Raising a Healthy and Well-Adjusted Kitten

Springtime in the animal world is commonly known as kitten season, because this is the time of year when most are born. While kittens are cute, cuddly, and fun companions, to ensure that your feline friend becomes a happy, healthy adult, you must begin their training and socialization when they are extremely young. Read our [...]

Safe Haven—10 Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home

Puppies, kittens, and new pets don’t come with pre-programmed knowledge about appropriate and inappropriate behavior and often find themselves in serious—sometimes life-threatening—trouble. Pet-proofing your new pet’s environment is the best way to protect them from themselves as they learn about their world.  Ensure your pet’s homecoming and initial adjustment period are safe and sound by [...]

Shedding Light on Why Your Pet Is Losing Hair

Fur stuck to clothes, furniture, and blankets is a common aspect of pet ownership, but if your four-legged friend’s hair loss becomes excessive, you may become concerned. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Wallisville team shares common problems that can cause pets to experience hair loss, and describes what you can do about your four-legged friend’s [...]

An Unpleasant FAD: Flea Allergy Dermatitis in Pets

Seeing fleas creep through your pet’s fur is upsetting, but when those pesky parasites cause your four-legged friend to experience an allergic reaction, the situation becomes much worse. Flea bite allergy, or flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), is a leading cause of allergies in pets. Read our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Waller team’s guide to FAD, [...]

4 Ways to Keep Ticks and Fleas From Feasting on Your Pet

Fleas and ticks are common external parasites that plague pets and their owners, and they can cause a host of serious health issues. Follow our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Richmond team’s tips to keep your four-legged friend healthy and safe from the flea and tick infestations.  #1: Administer year-round flea and tick prevention to your [...]

Allergy Testing in Pets

Skin problems are frequently the reason why southeast Texas pets visit the Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of Nederland team, and skin problems often are caused by allergies. Up to 30% of dogs develop an allergy in their lifetime, and cats are also susceptible. Itchiness, redness, ear infections, skin infections, and hair loss can plague pets with [...]

Yard and Garden Safety Tips for Pets

Outdoor enthusiasts in southeast Texas enjoy tending to their gardens and yards in the mild spring weather, wanting to get outside as much as possible before the intense summer heat kicks in. But, the outdoors holds more dangers for pets than many people realize. Keep your pet in mind as you encourage your grass to [...]

Allergies and More: Reasons Your Pet is Itchy

Spring has arrived, and with it comes allergy season—which leaves many people with runny noses and pets with itchy skin. Allergies are one of several reasons pets may become itchy, with parasites and skin infections other main culprits. Our Neighborhood Veterinary Centers of LaMarque team can treat itchy pets effectively, but first, we must find [...]

The Ins and Outs of Pet Heart Disease

Heart disease is a catch-all term that describes the many possible heart conditions seen in around 10% of dogs and cats. Pets can be born with heart disease (i.e., congenital), but they more commonly acquire the disease over time. Pet heart diseases differ from people, so Neighborhood Veterinary Centers wants to provide pet owners the [...]

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